Buffalo, NY Loves Polished Concrete

Whether you need new concrete poured or have existing concrete floors, polished concrete floors will outlast any other flooring solution. Over its lifespan, it becomes the most affordable offering in comparison to other flooring solutions. It's the lowest maintenance and can be stained protected. Concrete floors can be customized with dyes and stains which can create patterns, logos, and other decorative designs.

Preserving History

The buildings in Buffalo, NY contain a unique history which many of their owners may want to preserve. Stories are captured within these buildings, from the walls to the floors. Concrete Innovations has a process that can bring new life into original concrete floors. Preserving some natural qualities of the floor but providing it with a new modern look that you can customize with limitless potential. Your legacy concrete floor can be newly revived with dyes, stains, and saw cuts that can create patterns, designs, and logos. This process is called polished concrete. It brings additional benefits with it such as low-maintenance, eco-friendly, stain-resistant, cost-effective, reduced wear, reduced allergens, and no production or plant shutdowns.


View two buildings whose history has been preserved with polished concrete by Concrete Innovations.

Larkin Center of Commerce

Jamison Business Park


Frequently Asked Questions about concrete countertops and polished concrete floors.

Concrete Countertops

How can I customize my concrete countertop?

Concrete can be sculpted and molded to your creative desire. Its versatility lends itself to a full range of design styles, from contemporary to classic. Concrete can be left in its natural state to complement materials like wood, stone, and brick yet it can also be treated to become a canvas for your imagination. Colors,…

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Can concrete countertops chip or crack?

Concrete countertops are just as durable as granite or marble and can chip in the same way. As for cracking, they are cast and seamed in such a way to avoid cracks.

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Would concrete countertops be good for outside use – as in an outdoor barbeque countertop?

Yes, we’ve crafted many outdoor countertops such as outdoor BBQ tops to poolside bars to the surround bar tops for jacuzzis. We also do large flower pots, outdoor benches, firepits, and almost anything else you can imagine.

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Can I put hot pans directly on a concrete countertop?

You would want to treat your concrete countertop just as you would granite or marble countertops. You wouldn’t put hot pans on those, so don’t put hot pans directly on your concrete countertop even though its heat resistant you can discolor the counter if it is too hot. Here at CI we tell all of…

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Polished Concrete Floors

What is a polished concrete floor?

Polished concrete is a process that makes any concrete slab, old or new, easy to maintain. The finishes can range from industrial to artistic. The process, used exclusively by concrete innovations, produces a finished floor requiring no wax or sealer to maintain its glow. The finish is obtained by using specialized concrete grinding equipment that…

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Can you only polish new concrete floors?

No. We can restore and polish almost all existing concrete floors as long as they don’t have structural issues such as upheaving. We’ve restored floors that are over 100 years old, a unique way of maintaining the history of your buildings or homes. We give free estimates, so if you’re questioning whether it can be…

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