What is a polished concrete floor?

Polished concrete is a process that makes any concrete slab, old or new, easy to maintain.

The finishes can range from industrial to artistic.

The process, used exclusively by concrete innovations, produces a finished floor requiring no wax or sealer to maintain its glow.

The finish is obtained by using specialized concrete grinding equipment that grinds, hones, and then polishes the concrete to the desired sheen.

During the process, eco-friendly solutions are applied and impregnated into the concrete.

The first is a densifier.

This not only hardens but also dust proofs the surface.

Next, we can customize your floor with dyes, stains, or even tile-pattern saw cuts.

We can then take it another step further and apply our exclusive stain protection, that actually penetrates into the pores of the concrete and produces a slip-resistant finish.

Once completed there is no topical sealer or coating on the surface that can scratch, bubble or peel!

All that is required to maintain this highly stain resistant finish is soap and water!